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Rise and Fall

Flying all the way from the UK to Singapore we have partnered with Page One Theatre to bring you their production of Rise and Fall. 

Come and explore an ecosystem of balloons: universes in 

miniature. You’ll meet all manner of balloons from small floating moons to vast bouncing orbs. Forever expanding and contracting, balloons are free to float, fly and sway. Hold your breath and go sailing away. Rise and Fall is a poetic and intriguing performance for young audiences about holding on and letting go

For ages: 2-6

“A fun and fascinating performance” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

London Theatre 1


The Team

Artistic Director: Chloe Stephens

Associate Director: Matt Hutchinson

Producer (UK): Charlotte Winstone

Associate Choreographer: Abigail Huan

Performer (UK): Stefanie Sommer

Performer (SG): Abigail Huan

Lights (UK): Aaron J Dootson

Lights (SG): Liu Yong Huay

Sound: James Nicholson

Stage Manager (UK): Jordan Whitwell

Associate Director/Tour Manager: Caleb Lee

Thank you to Lucy Murdoch and Phoebe Naughton, who contributed to the the research and development. 

Production Support (SG): The Presenting Company

Venue Support: The Artground

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