Five Stones Theatre

Something a little different



Dots is a story of a Girl who goes on a journey of discovery and growth
through the ups and downs of creating her own art.


Kopitiam is a story of love, separation and reminiscence. Set in a small coffeeshop that is run by an old couple, Kopitiam looks at how an old-school eatery has to deal with changes when one day, tragedy falls upon it.


Odd Socks

OddSocks is a fun and quirky physical theatre production about being just a little different. With a little magic, a dash of humour and lots of socks, we explore what it means to be the odd one out in a world of sameness.
Get ready to spot the odd sock!


About Us 🇸🇬🇬🇧

Five Stones Theatre is an international collective made up of artists who are dedicated to pushing the creative boundaries of theatre and dance for the young and young at heart. Inspired by and named after a popular traditional children’s game in Singapore, we seek to ignite curiosity and imagination in our audiences through the power of play. By connecting artists and audiences with a range of work that is honest, refreshing and thought provoking, we invite children from all cultures into a conversation about art and the world we live in.


"Theatre cannot change the world but it can offer a moment of liberated space through which we can change ourselves"

David Greig