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OddSocks is a fun and quirky physical theatre production about being a little different. With a little magic, a dash of humour and lots of socks, we explore what it means to be the odd one out in a world of sameness.

Get ready to spot the odd sock!

Suitable for children aged 3–10 and their families.

Developed under the Gateway Arts Springboard Programme.

Incubated at The Artground under the GroundBreakers programme 2019.

Creative Partner: Freshly Pressed Socks


The Team

Concept and Direction: Isabella Chiam
Music Composer: August Lum
Movement Direction: Tan Rui Shan
Publicity and Production Design: Isyak Sulaiman
Lighting Designer: Mohamad Jasman
Mentor to Lighting Designer: Petrina Dawn Tan
Producer: Caleb Lee
Assistant Producer/Production Stage Manager: Jeannette Chong
Assistant Stage Manager: Cindy Sng
Performers: Bright Ong, Tan Rui Shan, Vignesh Singh
Access and Inclusion Consultant: Wong Waiyee

Thank you to Samantha Yue and Yazid Jalil who contributed to the research and development, and everyone who donated their socks.

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