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Rhodo belongs to a group of friendly cryptids*. They live in a magical forest. Every day they play with
each other, share food and do lots of wonderful, fun things together. And just like every day, they go
to sleep at night under the stars. One day, unable to fall asleep, Rhodo decides to take an adventure,
outside the magical forest, somewhere Rhodo has never been before and finds themselves lost in a
brand new world. 

Can you help Rhodo navigate through all kinds of challenges to find a way home? 


Suitable for children aged 3–10 and their families.


Part of the Gallery Children's Biennale 2023-2024 


The Team

Concept and Direction: Issy x Cher
Music Composer: Stan
Costume Designer: Loo Ann Ni

Performer: Fahim Murshed
Producer: Caleb Lee
Assistant Producer/Production Stage Manager: Jeannette Chong

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