The Story

There was a Girl who drew her first dot.
She inspected it after and said it was not
The best dot ever in the history of the world

She pushed it aside and hid away and curled
Her knuckles in anger, as she swore she would never
Draw another dot forever and forever.

One day someone showed her the dot she first drew.
Except, it was different, something anew.
“ I see the earth, a universe, can’t you see?”

She squinted and saw a whole new world
From then on she never ever saw dots
Instead she saw everything,
And from then on knew, she could do anything.

Dots is a story of a Girl who goes on a journey of discovery and growth
through the ups and downs of creating her own art.

For ages 5-9

As part of Gateway Arts' Collective-In-Residence 
In partnership with The Doodle People