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Kopitiam is a story about love and separation, remembering the past and moving on. Set in a small coffee shop run by an old couple, this whimsical puppet performance asks what it means to lose a part of ourselves and how we deal with loss and change. 

This production is a love letter to all who are familiar with the kopitiam – a heritage icon we love, cherish, yet sometimes take for granted, in an evolving society. 

(Kopitiam means “coffee shop” in Hokkien, a Chinese dialect. It’s a term that is commonly used in the region of Singapore and Malaysia, and usually refers to a standalone shop that mainly serves a style of coffee, tea and various types of toasted bread that is particular to both countries)

For ages 8 to 88

A digital recording of this production is available. Please get in touch if you are interested. 


The Team

Concept and Direction: Bright Ong
Puppeteers: Bright Ong, Song Huixuan (for Esplanade Flipside, Pesta Boneka), Tan Rui Shan 
Music and Sound: Bang Wenfu
Co-Producers: Caleb Lee and Jeannette Chong

Production Stage Manager: Cindy Sng (for Esplanade Flipside 2022)

Developed under the Gateway Arts Collective-in-Residence Programme 2020/2021.

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