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A Family of Creatives


Caleb Lee

Co - Artistic Director
aka the brain


Caleb is an educator, producer, researcher, dramaturg and the brain behind Fives Stones Theatre. He  is dedicated to making a positive impact on young people one small step at a time.

Abigail Huan

Co - Artistic Director

aka the dreamer


Abigail gets her best ideas from dreaming, both during the day, and late at night. She believes that magic can be found everywhere and that children have the potential to teach us more about the world than we could ever teach them.

Isabella Chiam

Associate Director

aka the puppet master


Isabella is a theatre maker and director dedicated to the art of play and imagination. Always looking for new stories, she absolutely loves creating new worlds for people to explore. And she loves ice cream.

Bright Ong

Associate Director

aka the muppet


Bright is an actor, puppeteer, maker and director who champions putting out only the best for the audience. He loves going for the wild and wacky, but always remembers to bring in a truckload of heart. He is also often seen in the great outdoors.

Jeannette Chong

Executive Producer/ Head of Production

aka the shadow


Jeannette is a producer and production stage manager that moves swiftly behind the scenes. She enjoys lurking in the shadows and works hard in supporting the works at Five Stones Theatre. She believes that children are the light to her shadow.

Sadrina Latiff

Head of Sales and Marketing

aka the heart


Sadrina is excellent at multi-tasking and 'making things work'. With an old-fashion love for books, she sees the joy in making young people happy and believes that the arts is important in nourishing the soul.

Isyak Sulaiman

Head of Design and Publicity

aka the scientist


Isyak is a graphic artist inspired by nature and everything sparkly. He goes on long walks and pointless runs to fuel his creative juices. He believes that he can design the future with one stipple at a time.


Limitless imagination

Dexter Newman

Associate Artist/Musician

Ann Summers Lek

Associate Artist



Associate Artist/Musician

Sarah Allwright

Associate Artist
FB: Sarah Allwright

Sean Powell🇺🇸

Associate Artist/Musician

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